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Affordable Tree & Stump Removal Burnside SA

When trees have died, or are leaning precariously and can cause damage to structures or power lines, it is time to bring in the professionals to have the trees removed.

Look for a tree care service company that is experienced, licensed, insured, and works in your area, and it will ensure that the tree is removed safely, at the least cost, and with the least impact on the surrounding areas. If your tree that needs to be removed is a large one, most of these service companies will have their specialized and well-equipped persons climb the tree and remove the larger limbs from them one by them. They will remove as much of the foliage as they can, then secure the branch or limb they are planning to cut, cut through it at the most convenient point, and then carefully lower it other ground for further disposal. They will take proper precautions for proper use of safety belts and other safety gear before they start this work. They will also ensure that the area around the tree is properly cordoned off so that no injuries can be caused to anybody from falling branches or other material.

Once all the branches have been cut off and all the resulting debris from the branches and leaves are cleared off, they will then arrange to cut down the tree and felling it, taking great care to see that this does not in any way hurt the building or any other things on your property. Once the tree is removed, what you are left with is a tree stump, and it is for the homeowner to decide whether this stump is to be removed or left in place.

Tree stumps act as an obstruction and can cause tripping hazards. They also tend to decay and cause fungal growth. A tree stump can also attract pests and will be home to termites or ants. Your tree service company can bring in equipment that will grind down the tree stump that then reduces it so that it is no more a tripping hazard and can even be covered over with soil.

It is best to opt for removal of the stump and this your tree service company will easily do with the equipment that most of them have. They will dig a pit all around the tree stump till the tree and its roots completely exposed, and then uproot the tree stump completely. Any root pieces that remain will be quite deep and will eventually decay over time.